About Us

Mission Statement: The Boone County Historical & Railroad Society is a non-profit organization devoted to the preservation of the historical heritage of Boone County, Arkansas. The Society sponsors and operates the Boone County Heritage Museum in Harrison, Arkansas.

The Boone County Historical and Railroad Society, and the museum we operate, is a non-profit tax-exempt organization. Since the inception of the Boone County Heritage Museum in 1987, a great deal of money and thousands of volunteer hours have made the museum what it is today.

Eras and focal points of Arkansas history covered include the Native American period, the Civil War, the time of the Missouri & North Arkansas Railroad, and the beginnings of Boone County, Arkansas. Reference materials include books by Schoolcraft which covers pre-statehood days and a written history of the first settlement in Boone County. The Museum focuses on local and cultural history.

Some of our exhibits and collections include the Railroad Room, a Civil War Room (updated with sesquicentennial grant), a Military Room, an all Wars Room, an Industrial Room of the area, a Medical Room with extensive antique medical equipment, a history of Dogpatch USA theme park, a selection of Duncan Parking Meters, memorabilia from Sheridan Garrison’s career (Garrison Motor Freight/Arkansas Freightways/American Freightways/FedEx Freight), and a collection of local historical farm implements, antique furniture, and kitchen items. There is a Records Room for clubs and civic organizations which houses all their group paperwork. We have an expansive genealogy library, a literature archive, and we house and archive information from all the schools in Boone County.

The $5.00 suggested admission donation for non-members does not cover our operating expenses. Memberships cover the cost of printing and mailing the Boone County Historian and Oak Leaves and we must rely on donations and volunteer efforts for the rest.

The acting Museum Director is Jeff Middleton.

The Boone County Historical & Railroad Society board members are J. Troy Massey (President), Denise Collier (Secretary), Martha Wilson (Treasurer), Philip Wood, Janet McMurrin, Jim Goldie (Legal Advisor), Clark Shaver (2nd Vice President), Lynn Brown (Oak Leaves Publication), Jeff Middleton (Interim Executive Director), Jim Brisco (1st Vice President), Dr. Don Crosswhite , Dale Garner, Dr. Don Crosswhite, and Rachel Davis.