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In 2019, the museum was awarded a Small Museum Grant funded through the Division of Arkansas Heritage. The goals were numerous, but in a nutshell, it was to gain a Resource Room added-value component achieved with new equipment, initial operating funds, and archival materials to improve the ongoing archival process of our priceless documents, photos, and audio/video recordings. The success of fulfilling the grant objectives have been seen from the beginning and except during the downtime of 2020 with the pandemic, the museum has put these new resources to right-to-work. Early on, the Harrison Junior High EAST Club volunteered their time on the equipment to aid in preservation and now, with the school club already showing new interest in continuing their previous efforts, we expect calls soon to begin again. So many other projects are underway also. Thank you Division of Arkansas Heritage and the hard work of our volunteers who made this new service to the community possible!

5 days ago

We came into possession of a 1980 copy of the Dogpatch Dispatch, the local source of information for the now defunct Dogpatch USA. We were particularly interested in a couple of articles we thought ... See more

1 week ago

Our Friday photo takes us through Lead Hill down Main Street, circa 1940s. The man traveling south on horseback is Bill Magness. We don’t know if the dog trotting along beside him is his. Behind ... See more

1 week ago

Martha Ledbetter brought us a copy of “The Hostess’ Guide: Recipes of Proven Merit” compiled and published by the T.E.L Class of the First Baptist Church, Harrison, Ark. (No date available). ... See more

2 weeks ago

A westward looking view of Main Street Valley Springs, circa 1910-1920. Buildings in the photo include Kay Wallis Store, United State Post Office, a vacant building, and Bryce Fullerton Store. The ... See more

3 weeks ago

This is former Union Brigadier General Marcus LaRue Harrison. In 1870, Harrison was in Boone County working as an engineer surveying a proposed route for the Pacific & Great Eastern Railway. While ... See more