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Museum gets toy train set
December 8, 2006
by Dwain Lair, Times Staff
Glen Hackenjos received a four-car train set and track as a Christmas present in the late 1920s.
According to a Sears catalog: "6 1/2-inch cast iron locomotive, with pistons and brake, a lithographical coal car, two lithographed 5 1/4-inch cars, one baggage car; eight pieces curved track and two straight track, all for this price. Track forms oval about 102 inches in circumference. An unprecedented value. Shipping weight, 4 pounds $1.98."
When his younger brother came along, Glen safely stored the train set in a box and hid it on the top shelf of the closet. The train remained hidden in the box while Glen raised his family while moving from Illinois to Indiana, to Portland, to Los Angeles and back to Illinois. "They never touched it."
Recently, Glen showed the train set to his grown daughter, Judy Cremer, then decided to donate it to the Boone County Heritage Museum. He donated it to the museum "because my daughter lived her and really enjoyed it."
He also donated a scale Fordson tractor to the museum. "Dad's cousin gave it to me," Glen remarked. It also was listed in the 1927 Sears catalog.
The four-piece train set and Fordson tractor are safe in a locked glass display case, according to museum director Marilyn Breece. She added that Glen's almost 80-year-old Christmas present is the only train set in the museum, outside of the railroad room.
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