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Sons of Confederate Veterans Room Exhibit
For those who share an interest in Civil War history, the museum's Sons of Confederate Veterans Room exhibit is a must-see.

Home to the # 1414 General Joseph Orville Shelby Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the exhibit room includes examples of Confederate currency, period swords, flags and guns.

A burst cannonball on display was fired from ship to shore at Gulf Port Mississippi by a tinclad during the Civil War.

Black powder pots were often put in limestone caves, since bat guano reacts with limestone to form natural niter (a.k.a. saltpeter), which in turn was used to make gunpowder. When Union soldiers confiscated these powder pots, they often rolled the pots down hills - bouncing them off the bluffs and rocks, shattering the cast iron pots. A picture on the wall shows one of these pots later used for scalding hogs for butchering.
Just a few of the many items in this exhibit include:
  • Gunpowder Making Exhibit
  • Various Civil War Book Collections
  • Guns & Bayonets going back to The Revolutionary War
  • Confederate Money
  • Pictures & Inventory of Boone County Confederate Gravesites
  • Old Confederate Footlocker
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