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Railroad Room Exhibit
At 9:15 a.m. on March 22, 1901, the first locomotive and construction train arrived in Harrison, Arkansas when track was completed into the city limits. The new St. Louis & North Arkansas Railroad (later renamed the Missouri & North Arkansas Railroad) built the line from Eureka Springs to Harrison.

For over a hundred years and through several name changes, area residents have held a love affair with this short-line railroad long after its last train rolled through town in 1960.

The museum's Railroad Room exhibit, located on the first floor to your right when you enter, remains one of our most popular showrooms.

The lantern collection includes a conductor's lamp with a globe holder that resembles an egg beater. The baggage cart display includes old luggage cases from Senator Roy Milum and Mayor Dene O. Hester.

A whistle from one of the steam trains, a train headlight, and an order board can also be seen. The telegraph showcase includes a Morse code training kit, a variety of telegraph bugs and other equipment.
Just a few of the hundreds of items in this large exhibit include:
  • Numerous Old Railroad Photographs
  • M&NA Line Tools & Equipment
  • M&NA Employees Roll of Honor Plaque
  • Antique Toy Model Trains and Memorabilia
  • Old Time Tables & Passes
  • Railroad Crossing Signs & Lights
  • Old Model Railroader and Railroad Modeler Magazines for Sale
  • M&NA Locks & Keys
  • Antique Telegraph Equipment
  • M&NA Railroad Caps for Sale
  • M&NA Personal Photo Albums & Scrapbooks
  • M&NA Bavarian China Set from Railcar
  • Railroad Spike Collection
  • Railroad Maps
  • Baggage Cart & Luggage Collection
  • Old M&NA Lanterns Collection
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