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Old House & Store Room Exhibit
Is it a store, or is it someone's home? Often, it was both!

In earlier days, some homes would include the local post office and grocery store inside the owner's living room. The post office in this exhibit is from Zinc, Arkansas.

Visitors will note the old crank telephone, commercial coffee grinder, and shelves with wooden cheese boxes, etc. Grocery items were wrapped in brown paper and tied with a string.

An old wood heating stove with a checker game waiting is set up in the front of the room. These checkers and board belonged to Clifford Phillips, and were used in a state championship match.

The old kitchen area includes irons and ironing board, a wood cook stove, and a table with kerosene light. A wash stand complete with water bucket and dipper was also standard, since men would shave in the kitchen and needed a mirror over the wash pan. Dish pans for doing the dishes are located under the wash stand. Water had to be heated in the tea kettle, since no hot water was otherwise available.

The adjacent bedroom / sewing room includes a hand loom, complete with a hand-loomed blanket hanging on it. A treadle sewing machine, a showcase with hand work, tatting, crocheting, and knitting items can also be seen.

The bed in this exhibit belonged to T. P. Fowler, and he evidently had to put in a lot of work on it. The bed was originally too short for him, and when he finally found some springs for it, they were too long. The problem was solved by cutting the bed in two, taking out a row of springs, and then welding the bed back together. The feathered bed has a straw tick and a 110 year-old quilt.
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