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Boone County Heritage Museum
Heritage Room Exhibit
The Heritage Room exhibit, located on the first floor of the museum to your left when entering, provides an insightful window back in time through various artifacts and collections.

An ash hopper on display gives an example of how pioneer families used to save their ashes to leach the lye and make soap.

They would put a small amount of water on top of the ashes, and when it seeped out the bottom and ran into the ironstone container, a feather was then dipped into the solution. The solution would dissolve the fletching on the feather, but leave the quill - indicating it was the right strength to make lye soap or hominy.

The black kettle also on display was used for making soap and hominy, or for boiling clothes to make them white. A tub and rub-board were standard equipment for doing laundry. An old hand-powered washing machine and drying rack complete the example of an old laundry room.

Visitors will also note the room's cotton display. Examples include cotton scales, cotton seed, combed cotton, cotton that has been ginned (had seeds removed), and cotton made into bats to be used in a quilt.

The exhibit's clock collection includes over 25 clocks donated by Ernest Cecil in 1990. Note the wooden gear in the Pillar & Scroll clock without the face, located on the corner of the showcase. Wooden gears were discontinued in 1847 - think how precise a wooden gear would have to be to operate a clock!
Just a few of the many exhibit items in the Heritage Room include:
  • Antique Doll Collection
  • Hotel Seville Exhibit
  • Milk, Cream & Butter Equipment Exhibits
  • Old Victrola
  • China Collections
  • Old Photography Equipment
  • Old Spinning Wheels
  • Ernest Cecil Clock Collection (see index)
  • Coin Collections
  • Ladies Bonnets
  • Hand-Operated Washing Machine circa 1888
  • Cotton Exhibit
  • 1812 Flax Wheel
  • 1929 Telephone Switchboard from the Hotel Seville
  • Will J. Moore Telephone Collection
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