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Boone County Heritage Museum
2nd Floor Hallway Exhibit
Some display items adorning the museum's second floor hallway include Goldie Kirby's wedding dress from 1907, high-button shoes and several old dresses.

At the end of the hallway, there is a picture of the Bower Wagon Factory. The Bower's made the little wagon for their children in 1912, which was a replica of their big wagon.

A picture of the Frew Saddlery, which was last located on the right-hand side of Sims Drug Store, is also on display. Mr. Frew served in the Sioux Indian War of 1876, riding behind Buffalo Bill Cody as a scout. Men became so hungry during this campaign that they had to result to eating their horses. A copy of Frew's personal diary is also among the museums collections and was published in the Boone County Historian. The side saddles on display are all by Frew Saddlery.
Other items in this exhibit include:
  • Early Period Dresses & Hats
  • Handmade Toys from the Past
  • Antique Doll Collections
  • Uniforms
  • Horse & Buggy Equipment
  • Early Harrison Grocery Ledgers
  • Old Adding Machines and Scales
  • Shriners Members Hat Collection
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