Pindall, AR

Service Date: 1902

Station Number 148

Depot 20 x 36

Pindall is located on US Highway 65, and the railroad crossed the highway just at the west (or railroad north) edge of the town. The crossing was equipped with flashing light warning signals because of the US Highway and also short sight distance where the railroad crossed the road an angle. During the St. Louis and North Arkansas Railroad’s expansion from Harrison, Pindall was an important objective because of the zinc mining activity in the vicinity. It was also an important point for shipping of timber. The railroad was the mode of choice for both commodities. The depot at Pindall survived for a long time after the railroad was abandoned and was moved from its original position in 1945. A shelter replaced the depot at that time. At various times, there were ore transfer and cotton loading platforms there. A section house and tool shed were also located there.

The original depot is shown to the right of the main track in the distance. One of the ore loading platforms is shown to the left of the siding, and cars in the distance may be loading cotton from the adjacent platform. Stacks of cut lumber are shown to the right of the main line, also ready for loading into boxcars for shipment. The main street in Pindall was very busy at that time. Now most of these buildings are gone and the few commercial buildings in Pindall front on Highway 65 which was built to the right of the buildings.