Olvey, AR

Service Date: 1902

Station Number 137

Depot 18 x 58

Olvey was a town in 1884 but was named Enon at that time. There were a couple of other name changes until the railroad arrived in 1902 when the town was named Pedlo. The post office name was changed to Olvey in 1904. Olvey was a shipping point for cannery products and was a small commercial center serving the surrounding area. The depot lasted until 1945 when it was sold and replaced by a small shelter. Olvey was situated between two of those 1.75% grades, so it was uphill both ways out of Olvey.

A 29-car siding was on the geographic north side of the main line, and the depot was on the south side.

Olvey’s rail service ended with the abandonment of the M&A in 1949, and the rails were removed by the scrapper shortly after that.