Everton, AR

Service Date: 1902

Station Number 141

Depot 18 x 72

Everton was a busy place on the railroad. The railroad constructed an ore transfer platform for zinc ore, a freight platform, stock pens, a water tank and pump house, and a tool shed there. The Uncle Sam Corncob Pipe Company shipped its products via M&NA throughout the country. The Everton Silica Sand Company, which mined a glass-grade silica sand, began business in 1936 with capital funding help from the railroad along with the boiler from retired Locomotive No. 16 to provide steam for the process. A water tank, the first one south of Harrison, was installed with a pumphouse to provide locomotive water. The agent manned the depot until 1938 when a traveling agent took over duties for several of the stations in the area. The depot was sold and torn down after the railroad was abandoned in 1949.

Everton depot on a busy day for freight. The siding track ran behind the depot and water tank. The order board is set perpendicular to the track to advise approaching train that the agent has orders for the crew.

Another view of the depot and water tank in later years, looking railroad south toward Pindall. There were two 1.75% grades between Everton and Harrison northbound, and one southbound to Gilbert, the next water tank to the south. With heavy trains it took a lot of steam and many times two locomotives to boost the freight over the line in either direction. Since the locomotive tenders had a finite capacity for water, there would be frequent stops for water for a heavy train.