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Genealogy Collections The Boone County Heritage Museum is a vast storehouse of information. This includes family histories, genealogy research files, biographical data and other records, many of which are conveniently stored in our newly remodeled JoAnn Forrest Genealogy-Meeting Room on the first floor of the museum.

We encourage those who have genealogy research files to share them with the museum.

Many local residents and out-of-town visitors working on their family histories often stop in the museum to search through our available records. Most are pleasantly surprised to find that around 300 families have shared copies of their research work with us.

These files and books, along with the 800 family biographies featured in The History of Boone County book, make the Heritage Museum a treasure trove for genealogists and family researchers.

For more information on our genealogy collections, select one of the following:
  • Family Histories
         Extensive family history record books on file in the JoAnn Forrest Genealogy Room.
  • Family File Folders
         Generally less extensive information than contained in Family Histories, but still valuable research information.
  • Casey & Baughman family histories
         Announcement of family histories donated to the Boone County Heritage Museum.
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