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Repast with the Past dinner tickets: $25.00 each




We are pleased to announce that we now have available this beautiful pamphlet featuring all the documents that were found inside the cornerstone of our building! For just $10.00 you can own a copy of the 100 year old documents in wonderful full color. It is just like looking at the originals. $10 + $1.50 S/H 


+ +

Save and get these three items for a special bundled price: 1) A Pictorial

History of Boone County, Arkansas, 2) Remember When DVD, and 3) the

Commemorative Coin.

All three for:

Members $50.00

Non-members $70.00

P&H $7.00  

“Pictorial History of Boone County, Arkansas 1910-1960″

This fantastic book is full of 50 years worth of photos of Boone County. It is

a wonderful addition to our efforts in preserving our history. Not only is it full

of photos, but it is also sprinkled with historical Boone County stories and

information. This book will make a wonderful addition to your library.

Members $25.00

Non-members $35.00

P&H $7.00  

“Remember When” DVD

We teamed with Dr. Don Crosswhite and his wife Patsy Yeager Crosswhite both

former Boone County residents to bring you the Boone County Heritage Museum

DVD “Remember When”. The video not only has a mini tour of the museum

but lots of footage of past and present day Harrison as well as interviews and

footage of residents. From the beginnings of Boone County to present day, we

have covered many “Remember When” moments including the flood of 1961 and

the 1979 telephone building explosion. You will not want to miss this one folks!

Members $20.00

Non-members $25.00  


Centennial Celebration/Silver Anniversary Commemorative Coin

In the interest of preserving and honoring memories, we have designed a

beautiful coin to commemorate the 100th year of our building and the 25th year

of the Boone County Heritage Museum. The beautiful 2″ coin is available in

antiqued gold or silver. It features the original 1912 building on the obverse and

memorializes the 25th anniversary of the Boone County Heritage Museum on

the reverse. This is a wonderful keepsake for former students and faculty of the

building. They would also be a terrific gift for your children or grandchildren. Get

yours today folks-there will be no reorders and a limited number are available,

made especially for this year’s celebrations.

Members $10.00



“History of Boone County, AR, Vol. I” with narrative by Roger V. Logan. Over

800 family biographies and local history. Hardcover, or beautifully bound in

leather with gold embossment.

Hard Cover $65.00, Leather $75.00 + $10.00 insured S&H



“History and Families of Boone County, Arkansas, Vol. II” Over 400 family

biographies, plus more local history and photos.

HC $59.95 + $9.00 insured S&H 



“Oak Leaves Homeseekers’ Edition 1912” reprinted on 48 8 ½ x 11 pages,

softcover. Of this wonder edition Bernie Harville wrote in the Jan.-Apr. 2012

OAK LEAVES: “When I pulled this out of the envelope, I was thunderstruck-

momentary brain freeze- I couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing. The only

copy of the M&NA publication OAK LEAVES I had ever seen was the 1913

edition. It was faded, brittle, pages yellowed and flaking, with some loose, dark

photos, about 7×11 in size.

Here was this item of near-beauty with heavy colorful cover, clean white glossy

pages and photos clear enough to enjoy. On my initial thumb-through, I saw a

notation that this was an enlarged reprint of the original in Dr. Fair’s collection,

by the Museum. I had NO idea that such a near pristine copy to reproduce ever


The M&NA published the first OAK LEAVES at the end of 1909, when the new

line was completed, running, and doing business, and they wanted more of that.

This give-away promotional magazine sought to attract settlers and business

men to its trade area.

Content-wise, this 1912 edition is a synopsis of the line from North to South with

the major towns covered from Neosho to Searcy and then by county areas to

Helena. Granted, each town (and area) is described in glowing terms-a near

Utopia as to climate, fertility, and opportunity. Interestingly, one page deals

with the steps to Homesteading along the line: Filing a claim, proving up, etc. It

seems that thousands of acres were available in a number of counties.

Overall this is a super read. Worth the price? I think yes, because: 1) ’Tis a thing

of beauty, 2) It is a great keepsake souvenir of the old line, 3) Opens a window to

the past-a look at how things were one hundred years ago, 4) for the M&NA fan’s

thin library (Dr Fair’s book, Tim Kubat’s Photo Book, and back issues of the OAK

LEAVES) this is a most welcome add-to.”

$20.00 + $4.00 P&H 

“Arkansas Sesquicentennial Calendar” This 1986 calendar features 12 historical

photos and stories of Boone County. The dates will work again in 2014, so this informative

and interesting calendar will make great gifts for anyone! $3.50 + $1.50 P&H 


“Boone County and Its People” by Ralph R. Rea

A compelling history of Boone County, from the first arrival of the white men to

the area, through the year 1955. Reprint.

$25.00 + $3.00 P&H 



“Boone County Historian/Oak Leaves”

The Boone County Historical and Railroad Society fills this publication three

times a year with all types of interesting stories, photos, and tidbits from the past.

Issues are available back through 1978, while they last.

All issues $3.00 ea + $1.50 P&H (+ $0.50 P&H for ea added)



“Death On The Meadows”

A supplement to Mountain Meadows Massacre, taken from the notes of Ralph

Rea. Reprint

$1.50 + $0.75 P&H 



“Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Souvenir Cookbook” by Harrison Colony

Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution 2003. A

few recipes from the Louisiana Purchase era, updated to include items easily

obtained at market, but still retaining their basic beginnings. Many can be used

on camping and/or picnic outings.

$1.50 + $0.75 P&H 


“Memoirs of Captain J. M. Bailey” edited by James Troy Massey. A first-

hand account by one man of the War Between the States as he experienced it in

Northwest Arkansas.

SC $20.00 + $3.50 P&H 


“Mountain Heritage” by Roger Logan Jr. Some Glimpses Into Boone

County’s Past After One Hundred Years. A backward glance at some of the

frontier settlements in Boone County and the founding of the communities that

now make up the county. Reprint.

$15.00 + $3.00 P&H 


“Mountain Meadows Massacre” and Its Completion As A Historic Episode

by Ralph Rea. A detailed account of the fate of the Fancher Wagon Train in


$3.50 + &0.75 P&H 


“Not In The Wind” by Oliver Raney. Historical fiction, based in truth, centered

on the discovery of Pleistocene bone deposits in northern Newton County,


HC $8.00 + $3.00 P&H 


“Old Folks Talking” by Jim Liles. Stories gleaned from Boxley Valley as Jim

visited and listened on the porches of valley homes, around dining tables, and

out in hayfields and gardens. The book reflects his lasting admiration for Boxley

Valley’s settlers and their history.

HC $35.00 + $3.00 P&H 


“One Hundred Years 1873-1973” History of the Methodist Church in

Harrison, Arkansas

$3.00 + $2.00 P&H 


“Poetry With My Love” by Josie Crump Trimble. An elegant little book of poetry

for you to appreciate, or to pass on as a superb present with love for family or

friend. Josie Crump Trimble was a long-time resident of Boone County.

$10.00 + $3.00 P&H 


“The Milum Family & Descendants” by Jim Milum 2007, 166 pages. $30.00 +

$4.00 P&H 



“Beecher Moss’s Turn of the Century Coming of Age Memoir” A Story

of Family Fragility and Strength, by Henry Beecher Moss. The Beecher Moss

chronicle tells a story of a close knit family that worked incredibly hard under the

scarcity conditions of the late frontier time in America.

$7.50 + $4.00 P&H 


“Under the Greenhaw Tree — A Genealogical History 1650-1977” by Clyde

Greenhaw Newman. Greenhaws in Arkansas.

$15.00 + $3.50 P&H 


“Blowing Snow, There’s A Story In Every Railroad Track” by Dreat

Younger. A colorful story from the memory of Dreat Younger about a snowy

experience filled with danger on the Great Northern Railroad.

SC $10.00 + $3.00 P&H 


“There’s A Story In Every Mile Of Railroad Tracks, The Way I Remember

It” by Dreat Younger. A collection of stories that take you down a trail of

nostalgia that include; a man’s adventures and memories of the life and times

of growing up with a father who was employed by the M&NA Railroad, and a

collection of tales handed down from the Younger and Lovelady family journals.

$8.00 + 4.00 P&H 


“The Eureka Springs Railway” An Automobile Tour Into The Past, by Harvey

G. Cragon. An interesting read, whether you are actually there in your auto

taking the tour, or are just reading the point-by-point description of the 10-mile

journey from the Eureka Springs depot to Seligman, MO.

$5.00 + $3.00 P&H 


“Locomotives & Motorcars — Missouri and North Arkansas Railroad”

by Tom Kubat. A collection of photos, records and memorabilia of the M&NAR

railroad during its 118 years of services rendered.

$20.00 + $3.00 P&H 


“M & NA Railroad Strike” compiled by Rev. Walter F. Bradley. Reprint. $20.00

+ $3.00 P&H 



“The Wreck of the Thomas McRae” M&NA Motor Railer #705 at Harrison, AR

on 8/23/46, a personal account by Charlton S. Stanley, PhD. $10.00 + $3.00



“An Industrial War” History of the M & NA Railroad strike and a study of the

tremendous issues involved.

$20.00 + 2.50 P&H 


“The Greenhaw Clan — Friends and Kin” by Clara Ann Davidson Greenhaw.

100 pages of photos and histories of Eastern Newton County, Arkansas 1850-


$20.00 + $2.50 P&H   

“History And Memories of Hillcrest Home 1953-1978” compiled by

Daniel and Iva Nisly. Interesting stories, photos and tidbits of wisdom from the

beginning of the Hillcrest Home in Harrison, Arkansas in 1953. Fun reading for

anyone who enjoys stories about the way things used to be.

$5.00 + $2.00 P&H   


“The Harrison Riot” The Reign of the Mob on the Missouri and Northern

Arkansas Railroad, by Rev J. K. Farris. On Disc, PDF file.

book is no longer available in print.

$15.00 + $5.00 P&H 


Become a member of the Boone County Historical and Railroad Society today.

Help support the Society in its efforts to preserve the history of Boone County

and enjoy the benefits of being a member like, special prices on merchandise,

free admission to the Boone County heritage Museum and you will receive three

issues of the Historian/Oak Leaves a year.

You may join the society at as:


Husband and Wife:

Organization or Business:






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