Home News Pictorial History (1910-1960) of Boone County, Arkansas

Pictorial History (1910-1960) of Boone County, Arkansas

Published on May 15, 2012 by in News

Did you know that we have a new book that follows Boone County through time between 1910-1960?  It is full of amazing pictures from the time period.  It is available at the museum during normal operating hours, your you can buy it through our new online store. 

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  1. Anita Weaver

    Dear Boone County Historical Society,

    I am writing a book about my great-grandfather. Alpena Pass was the location of the milestone in his life and I am hoping you might have some information that would be helpful to me.

    His name was Michael Capp. He was a tent evangelist for the Plymouth Brethren. He went to small towns along the railroad lines and held tent meetings. The Baker-Lockwood tent and awning company in Kansas City supplied the tents and tickets to wherever he felt the Lord called him to preach. Michael was a Jewish man who received Christ as his Savior in Chicago in the 1890′s. In 1903, he moved to Kansas City with a group of believers and they established Central Bible Hall in Kansas City. Michael then went on the road as an evangelist. As the family story goes, in about 1917, Michael held a series of meetings at Alpena Pass. Literally, everyone in those meetings gave their lives to Christ. The calling card was “Come and hear a Jewish man talk about Jesus”. I know he went many other places, but we were always told that Alpena Pass is where he was most successful.

    Are there newspapers from 1917 available to research any articles about Michael’s meetings? I will be in the area next week August 20-24 and would like to stop and do research if you feel there is enough information to help me out. I have longed to come and see your town since I first heard of it many years ago, but have never had the opportunity. I understand it is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Several years ago, I talked with someone from a church there and he sent me a few tracts written by my great-grandfather and at that time there were some older people who were children at those meetings in 1917. I doubt that any of them are still alive, but I wonder if their families knew the stories.

    I would appreciate any help you can give me.


    Anita (Capp) Weaver

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