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Published on May 18, 2012 by in Support
Mission Statement
The Boone County Historical & Railroad Society is a non-profit organization devoted to the preservation of the historical heritage of Boone County, Arkansas. The Society sponsors and operates the Boone County Heritage Museum in Harrison, Arkansas.
Become a member of the Boone County Historical and Railroad Society today.Help support the Society in its efforts to preserve the history of Boone County

and enjoy the benefits of being a member like, special prices on merchandise,

free admission to the Boone County heritage Museum and you will receive three

issues of the Historian/Oak Leaves a year.

You may join the society at as:


Husband and Wife:

Organization or Business:




Society Directors & Staff
President Norman Rowe
Vice-President Phillip Wood
Treasurer Marlene Rowe
Corresponding Secretary Marlene Rowe
Recording Secretary Roz Slavik
Railroad Secretary Tim Kubat
Editors Toinette Madison, Richard Dix, Bernie Harville, Jr., and Museum Editorial Staff
Parliamentarian Steve Davis
Public Relations Fred Hudson
Board Members Charles Beaver, J. K. Fancher, Ralph Jean Hudson, Dan Layton (honorary), J. Troy Massey, Phillip Wood, Jim Milum, John Berry, Marcille Lawerence and Norman Rowe
The Boone County Historical & Railroad Society meets September through May at 11:00 on the second Friday of each month. No meetings June, July, and August. Meetings are held at the Boone County Heritage Museum. All are welcome. Our street address is:
Boone County Heritage Museum 124 South Cherry Street Harrison, AR 72601 Phone (870) 741-3312 Email: bchm@windstream.net
Any and all donations are welcome, and greatly appreciated!
Our society, and the Museum we operate, is a non-profit tax-exempt organization. Since the Harrison School System recently leased the building to us for twenty-five years, we are now responsible for all utilities, insurance and maintenance of the Museum building.
Our Museum does not receive money from the city. The $5.00 admission fee for non-members and other sources of income will not cover our operating expenses. The $20.00 membership fee is used to cover the cost of printing and mailing the Boone County Historian and Oak Leaves. We must rely on donations and volunteer efforts for the rest.
Since the inception of the Museum in 1987, a great deal of money and thousands of volunteer hours have made the Museum what it is today. It wasn’t intended to make a profit, but we must make expenses if it is to continue to provide a place to preserve our local history. It has become necessary for us to make a plea for help from the members and the public.
To accomplish this, an Annual Donation Program has been created (don’t confuse this with Membership dues). There are five categories of support. All donations are tax deductible, and you will receive a receipt for your donation. These donations give you the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting the preservation of our local history, and the continued operation and growth of the Museum.
Annual Donation Program
Patron $50
Sponsor $100
Supporting $200
Sustaining $300
Benefactor $500
Founding $1,000
Other (Memorial or Honorarium) any amount
Names of donors will be published by category in the Boone County Historian / Oak Leaves once a year. The Board of Directors and the volunteer workers thank you for your past and continued support.
Please join us and take your place in history by helping preserve your county and family legacy. No donation is too large or too small!
Download Membership Application / Donation Form
The membership year is January 1 through December 31. The Society publishes one combined journal of the Boone County Historian and Oak Leaves. The Historian contains genealogical data and general Boone County area history; and Oak Leaves reports historical information about the Missouri and Arkansas Railroad. Your annual membership entitles you to four issues of the quarterly journal, and free admission to the museum.
Annual Membership
Individual $20
Husband & Wife $20
Organization or Business $25
Permanent Membership (One time fee)
Lifetime $250
A membership in the Boone County Historical & Railroad Society, Inc. includes free admission to the Boone County Heritage Museum, and makes an excellent gift any time of the year. Pay your dues, enroll new members, and give gift memberships. The recipient will benefit, and so will your Historical Society. This is a non-profit organization. Federal ID # 71-0518731. Sales Tax Exemption # 053932-08-001.
Become a Member – Join the Boone County Historical & Railroad society TODAY!
Download Membership Application / Donation Form
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5 Responses

  1. Scott Muskopf

    I’m interested in buying back issues of “Oak Leaves”
    Can you please advise whcih issues are in stock and cost?

    • admin

      Sorry for the late reply Scott. We have most back issues in stock. Please give us a call at the museum and we can help you find what you need.

  2. Johnny Mullens


    I appreciated the visit yesterday. After I left, I went to the library to see what they had. I was eventually put in touch with A.J. Dotson, Jack Holt and another man who was at Jack’s store who was the city attorney in 1961. I appreciated my time spent there and learned much. I also walked along the trail on the creek and had a black pop his head out at me when I went to the creek bank.

    Another thing I got is that they think that the Dry Jordan is going to flood. I’m familiar with it and see how a flood it would do damage to the downtown area.

    There will be acknowledgements mention of you others once this book is finished.

    Johnny Mullens

    • admin

      Thank you Johnny! There are lots of fish down there, you need to bring your fishing pole when you come back ;) ~ TM

  3. Melinda Watson-Conner

    I live in Northwest Florida. Found a certificate for a homestead in Harrison, Arkansas from 1889. Wondering if anyone was interested in the item before I throw it away.

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