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Volume I Number I (December 1978) Boone County Historian Volume I Number I (December 1978)
Volume I Number I (December 1978)
Cover picture : Original Boone County Courthouse, Harrison, Arkansas; burned in 1905 1
History Takes Time, by Jim Miller, Editor 3
Alex C. Hull, by Mrs. Dorothy Sharp 4
Audra Connerley Milum 5
Arkansas (poem) 5
Autumn in the Ozarks (poem) 5
Headin’ for the Ozarks (poem) 5
Slave Holders in Pre-War Days, by Roger Logan, Jr. 5
Roberts, Smith and James Families Reunion 6
Swor Reunion 6
Queries 6
Western Grove in the Ozarks, by G. Allen Robinson, M.D. 7
The M.D.’s Convention, from the Harrison Highlander, June 14, 1873 7
Picture : Mauldin (Boone County) School Group, 1898 8
Notice of Boone County Historical Photographs 9
How Dry Jordan Creek Was Born, by Gus H. Crumpler 9
Picture : Harrison High School Band, March 17, 1911 9
Our Shared Ancestry, by Betty Case Cox 10
The 1882 Cotton Crop, from the Harrison Times, February 5, 1883 10
Lead Hill Review Normal 10
The Millers Meeting, from the Harrison Times, September 1883 10
County’s Post Offices – 1883, from the Harrison Times, July 29, 1883 10
Class of 1898 Harrison High School (including picture), from the Harrison Times, Saturday, May 28, 1898 11-12
Carrollton Hollow Cemetery, Boone County, Arkansas 13
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery (Curtis or Forsee), Lead Hill, Boone County, Arkansas 13
Cedar Grove Cemetery (Pumphrey), Lead Hill, Boone County, Arkansas 14
Lead Mine Cemetery (Hall), Boone County, Arkansas 14
Raley Cemetery, Boone County, Arkansas 15
New book presentation : Confederate Pension Records 16
Early Harrison, by Lula Vance Scott 16
Index of Confederate Pensioners and Widows Annual Affidavits 17-22
Picture : E. G. Whitaker store building, Alpena, Arkansas, about 1909 23
Picture : Team and buggy belonging to Kirby Family, prior to 1920 24
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