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Volume II Number I (Winter 1979) Boone County Historian Volume II Number I (Winter 1979)
Volume II Number I (Winter 1979)
Cover picture : Boone County, Arkansas Fairgrounds, about 1914 i
Information regarding the Boone County Fairgrounds ii
Speaking of Photos, by Jim Miller, Editor 1
Second Annual Fair of the Harrison and North Arkansas Fair Association, October 3-6, 1888 1
Building Harrison, by Lula Vance Scott, from the Arkansas Gazette Magazine, Sunday, July 30, 1933 2-3
Colonel Beal Gaither, Pioneer of Southern Boone County, by Roger V. Logan, Jr. 3
News of Pioneer Families books 3-4
Preserving Your Past – Book Review 4
Picture : Beal Gaither House built in the 1830s 4
Newton County Organizes Historical Society 5
Marble Block, from the Harrison Daily Times centennial edition, 1936 5
Railroad Comes to Harrison 5
Picture : First St. Louis & North Arkansas locomotive to arrive in Harrison, 9:15 a.m. March 22, 1901 6
Some Civil War Activities in North Central Arkansas, by Roger V. Logan, Jr. 7-9
Frontier Times In and Around Boone County from Silas C. Turnbo, Pre-Civil War Resident, by Roger V. Logan, Jr. 9-10
Listing of Numerous Recent Publications on Local Subjects Available to Assist Researchers 10
Queries 11
Milum Cemetery, Lead Hill, Boone County, Arkansas 12-14
Fairview (Lane) Cemetery, Boone County, Arkansas 14
Picture : Airplane that made an emergency landing on the Bob Johnson farm, near the Oregon Flat School in 1920 14
Enon Cemetery (Gosset), Boone County, Arkansas 15-16
Picture : Bellefonte Academy, about 1907 16
Index of Notary Publics & Justice of the Peace, 1915-1931 17
Surname Index of Confederate Pension Records 18-20
Picture : Boone County Confederate Veterans Reunion, about 1918-1920 20
Old Southwest Gas & Electric Co. (with picture) 21
Picture : Harrison, Arkansas, about 1910 22
Volume II Number II (1979) Boone County Historian Volume II Number II (1979)
Volume II Number II (1979)
Cover picture : General M. LaRue Harrison i
Picture : Jacob Nave and Wife ii
Invitation to become a member of the Boone County Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc. 1
General M. LaRue Harrison 1829-1890, by Roger V. Logan, Jr. 2-3
Boone County area map (1835) 4
Boone County area map (1836) 5
Boone County area map (1849) 6
Boone County area map (1866) 6
First Extant Map of Boone County, Arkansas made by Henry W. Fick, November 8, 1870 7
Photographs from 1913 Oak Leaves, a promotional publication of the M&NA Railway 8
Oak Leaves, January-February-March, Homekeepers’ Edition, 1914 9
Wright, Crump Garvin Families, by Garvin Fitton 10-11
Queries 11-13
Subscribers and amounts subscribed to the M. E. Church South Building, January 5, 1916 14
Founding of the Boone County Bar Association 14
Liberty Bond Day, October 24, Boone County, Arkansas 15
Table of beginning record dates for Birth and Death Records in the U. S. 16
IRS Assessments from 1866 for Boone County residents 16
Tennessee State Library and Archives Inventories of Microfilmed County Records 17
Further History of the 27th Regiment of Arkansas Infantry, by S. C. Turnbo, from the Harrison Times, August 18, 1906 17-18
Tulsa, Oklahoma Genealogical Society announcement 18
Lowry Mill, by Gus H. Crumpler 19-20
Amounts and Collections for Railroad Shop Bonus as of 1914 20-22
Volume II Number III (1979) Boone County Historian Volume II Number III (1979)
Volume II Number III (1979)
Cover picture : Fairview School in southwestern part of what is now Diamond City i
Passing of George Connell and Mary Crumpler ii
Editorial Note 1
Picture : Lead Hill Gymnasium about 1940 1
A Look at School Consolidation in Boone County, Arkansas, by Sherry Bishop 2-14
     Introduction 2-3
     School Consolidation in General 3-7
     Picture : Lead Hill School, 1905 5
     Early Boone County Schools 8-9
     Picture : District #99 School, southwest of Bergman 9
     Picture : Capps School District #80 9
     The First Consolidation Movement in Boone County 10-11
     Laws Concerning School Consolidation in Arkansas 12-13
     Conclusions 13-14
     List of Schools Existing in Boone County in the 1920s 15-16
     Bibliography 17
Maps of Boone County School Districts in the 1920s 18-19
Picture : Valley Springs Academy, about 1900 20
Picture : Ralley Hill Academy in Ruins 20
Picture : Allbright Hall, Valley Springs, built 1935 20
Picture : Bellefonte School 20
Picture : Harrison’s Early School Buildings 21
Picture : Class of Burlington School, 1914-1915 21
Picture : Class of Mauldin School, 1898 21
Picture : Children of Oregon Flat School in front of Airplane 21
Picture : Harrison High School and Grammar School, early 1900s 22
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  1. Claudette Blackwood Fowlkes

    Do you have or run across any information or old photos around Monarch, AR? Namely a store owned by the Whitley’s that also served as the post office I believe. Or any info of the surname “Markle”? My father grew up around there in the 30′s & 40′s. He attended a small community school early in his age. Said he had to cross a swinging bridge to get to it. Later attended Lead Hill school.
    Thanks for any information. Would like to gather some things for my Dad to reminisce on.
    Claudette Blackwood Fowlkes –

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