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Volume II Number IV (1980) Boone County Historian Volume II Number IV (1980)
Volume II Number IV (1980)
Cover picture : The Old Persimmon Tree; The History of Medicine in early Boone County, by Henry V. Kirby, M.D. i
Editorial by Jim Miller 1
The Old Persimmon Tree, March 28, 1973, Boone County Hospital,Harrison, Arkansas, by Henry V. Kirby, M.D. 2-7
Picture : U.G. Coker’s Truck 6
Leonidas Kirby, M.D. (picture included), by Mrs. Ruth McCoy 8
Harrison Physicians & Surgeons, 1913 8
Narrative Report Auxiliary to the Boone County Medical Society, 1951, by Mary Ruth Jackson (Mrs. Ulys) 9
List of Pioneer Physicians of Boone County, 1850 to about 1910 10-11
Picture : Dr. Elizabeth Taylor 11
Some Pioneer Doctors of Boone County, by Carl Finch, M.D. 12-13
Obituary : Dr. A.J. Vance 14-15
Obituary : Dr. George Ira Jackson 15
Pictures of store & hotel in Bellefonte? 16
Obituary : Dr. H.L. Routh 16
Sketch of the Medical Careers of the Two Drs. Routh in North West Arkansas, by Mrs. Marvin (Routh) Wagley, March 30, 1973 17
Picture : Newly completed Boone County Hospital, 1950 arial photo 18
Some Notes Regarding the Early Days of Boone County Hospital, by L.S. (Bud) Reid, Board Member 19-20
Queries 21
Picture : Meeting of M&NA RR Surgeons, June 7, 1915 22
Volume III Number I (1980) Boone County Historian Volume III Number I (1980)
Volume III Number I (1980)
Cover picture : The Arkansas Traveler, by Edward Payson Washburn i
The Arkansas Traveler 1-2
Announcement : Ancestor Surname Listings, by the Tulsa Genealogical Society 2
Genealogical Research – How to Begin 3-4
Picture : Mining Operation at Zinc, Arkansas, 1916 4
Picture : Jim Davis & C.B. Hodge working in Gloria Mine at Zinc, Arkansas, 1916 4
Annual Report of the Geological Survey of Arkansas for 1892, Volume V, by John C. Branner, State Geologist, by Gus Crumpler 5-11
Picture : Mine Entrance near Lead Hill, Arkansas 11
Corrections for Cemetery Lists published in Historian Vol. I No. I and Vol. II No. I 12
Queries 12-13
Picture : Gloria Mines, Zinc, Arkansas, about 1916 13
Confederate Regiment Organized in Boone County 14-22
Picture : Mine at Zinc, Arkansas, 1916 22
Volume III Number II (1980) Boone County Historian Volume III Number II (1980)
Volume III Number II (1980)
Cover picture : Sam Paul’s Blacksmith Shop at Gaither, Arkansas, about 1902 i
Queries ii
Elmwood – Early Settlement of Boone County, by Michael Nabors, December 1974 1-15
Sectional map showing location of Elmwood, Arkansas 16
Pictures : Elmwood Cemetery grave markers 17
Elmwood Cemetery, Boone County, Arkansas 18-21
Cross Roads Cemetery, Boone County, Arkansas 21-22
Volume III Number III (1980) Boone County Historian Volume III Number III (1980)
Volume III Number III (1980)
Cover picture : View South Side Square, Harrison, Arkansas, 1895 1
Harrison and Environs in the 1890s, by Roger V. Logan, Jr. 3
Queries 4
Views : East Side Square; South Side Square; & West Side Square, Harrison, Arkansas, from the Harrison Arkansas Edition of the Leader-Democrat, Springfield, MO, July 26, 1895 5
Harrison in the Great Northwestern Arkansas – 1895 6
Pictures (sketches) : Harrison Officials, 1895 7
Items regarding Harrison Land Office, Public Schools, Valley Springs Academy, Real Estate Agencies – 1890s 8
Pictures (sketches) : Banner Building; Residence of J.R. Newman, Harrison, Arkansas; T.W. Johnson’s Furniture House; and the Times Building, Harrison, Arkansas – 1890s 9
Harrison Business Directory, Directory of State Officials, and Tri-County Medical Society – 1890s 10
Fruits; Business Ads – 1890s 11
Church pictures, Church Directory, Secret Societies – 1890s 12-13
Pictures (sketches) : Residence of F.M. Garvin; residence of A.C. Hailey; residence of C.S. Rosson; residence of Mrs. Clemshire; residence of De Roos Bailey; residence of D.H. Perew 14-15
Pictures (sketches) : Residence of J.T. Hopper; Gordon Building 16
Local news items – 1890s 16-18
Pictures (sketches) : Coffman Building; W.H. Cecil; S.N. Bradshaw 18
Pictures (sketches) : Jas. A. Flinn; A.C. Hailey; The Park Hotel; The Speer Hotel – 1890s 19
Harrison College and Normal Institute for Ladies 1898-1899 20
Pictures (sketches) : Public School, Harrison; Miss McCormick’s Kindergarten School, Harrison; Court House, Harrison – 1890s 21
Ads and prints – 1890s 22-23
Invitation to become a member of the Boone County Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc. 24
Volume III Number IV (1980) Boone County Historian Volume III Number IV (1980)
Volume III Number IV (1980)
Cover picture : Flyer for the Seventh Annual Fair at Harrison, Arkansas, September 20-23, 1893 i
Acknowledgement to Mr. William J. (Bill Jim) Milum for Fair Booklet in this issue ii
Booklet of Seventh Annual Fair at Harrison, Arkansas, September 20-23, 1893 1-14
     Rules and Regulations 2-5
          General Rules 2
          Entries 2-3
          Instructions to Committees 3-4
          Premiums 4
          For Exhibition of Stock 4
          Governing Speed Ring 5
          Refreshments 5
     List of Premiums for 1893 6-12
          Class A – Cattle 6
          Class B – Horses, Jacks and Mules 7-8
          Class C – Poultry 8-9
          Class D – Art Hall 9-10
          Class E – Home Manufactures and Fine Art 11-12
     Speed Ring 13
     Programme 14
     Special Premiums 14
Crossroads Cemetery, Boone County, Arkansas (continued from Boone County Historian, Vol. III No. II 1980) 15
Davis Cemetery, Boone County, Arkansas 15
Bald Knob Cemetery, Boone County, Arkansas 16-17
Queries 17-19
Boone County, Arkansas Marriage Index Book #1, Beginning 1869 (Abbot through Acuff) 20-21
Announcing : Pioneer Life and Pioneer Families of the Ozarks, by Earl Berry 22
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