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Volume VI Number I (1983) Boone County Historian Volume VI Number I (1983)
Volume VI Number I (1983)
Cover picture : The crew that built the Boone County Courthouse after the old Courthouse burned in 1906 193
History of the First Christian Church of Harrison, Arkansas, by Mrs. Dorothy Sharp 195-198
The Lead Hill Band of 1912 198-199
Births, Deaths, Marriages and Pedigree Chart of Roy, Ozier and Martin Families, taken from Bible records of Mrs. Ozier (Wilma) Martin 200-202
Queries 203-204
Boone County, Arkansas Marriage Index Book #1 (continued) – Cabler through Carlton 204-209
Index to Will Books A, B, & C, Boone County, Arkansas (Acuff through Zimmer), 22 Jan. 1872 – 1960′s, compiled by C. Basch 210-216
Volume VI Number II (1983) Boone County Historian Volume VI Number II (1983)
Volume VI Number II (1983)
Cover picture : Wildcat Bluff on Bear Creek, near Lowry 217
The Lead Hill News, Vol. I No. 25, Friday, March 17, 1916 219-224
Queries 225
Charles Robertson Family Records 226
George Washington Collins Family Records 227
Pedigree Chart : Roger William Avrit 228
Pedigree Chart : Ruby Juanita Daniels 229
Boone County, Arkansas Marriage Index Book #1 (continued) – Capps through Caviness 230-234
The History of Bellefonte, by Virginia Louise Stark 235-236
More Bellefonte History, by Gus Crumpler 236-238
Picture : Baptizing by Rev. Reglus Walton Raley in Bear Creek, Summer of 1912 238
Picture : Baptizing in 1930 or 1931 by Church of God Lead Hill, next to the bridge on East Sugar Loaf Creek 239
Picture : Bellefonte Spring, 1913 239
Picture : Baptizing in West Sugar Loaf Creek near Lead Hill, September 1916 240
Volume VI Number III (1983) Boone County Historian Volume VI Number III (1983)
Volume VI Number III (1983)
Cover picture : Lead Hill, Arkansas Flour Mill, about 1920 241
George Washington Basore, from “The Basore Clan” Private Papers, by George W. Basore 242-251
Three Generations of Basores and Studyvins 252
Picture : Water Powered Grist Mill, the Jersey Roller Mill, and Milldam on Crooked Creek, Harrison, Arkansas 253
Picture : John Worthington, Arthur W. Cralle, and Charles Czech on porch of the Jersey Roller Mill 253
The Boone Countian of the Week: Judge J. Loyd Shouse, from the Boone County Headlight, Thursday, April 24, 1952 254-255
A History of Bergman, Arkansas, compiled by Gladys Marler and Bonnie Mears of the Bergman Homemakers Extension Club in May, 1976 256-257
Boone County, Arkansas Marriage Index Book #1 (continued) – Catner through Clemence 258-263
Queries 264
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