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Volume VII Number I (1984) Boone County Historian Volume VII Number I (1984)
Volume VII Number I (1984)
Cover picture : First Car into Lead Hill, Arkansas – 1912. Michael Green, age 91, and driver Burton Bunch, owner of the car and Editor of the Lead Hill Newspaper 265
Threet Family Group Records 267-270
     Even B. Threet & Family 267
     James Monroe Threet & Family 268
     Martin Threet & Family 269
     Robert Threet & Family 270
Omaha Cemetery, North Side of Omaha, Arkansas 271-280
Queries 280
Cottonwood Cemetery, Boone County, Arkansas 281
Some History of Boone County, Arkansas, by Loren C. Watkins, November 1978 282-286
Queries 286-288
Volume VII Number II (1984) Boone County Historian Volume VII Number II (1984)
Volume VII Number II (1984)
Cover picture Harrison School Buildings, about 1884-1889 – Site of present Junior High School Building, corner of West Stephenson Avenue and South Cherry Street (photo from files of Jim Tilley) 289
Picture : Valley Springs Academy, 1911 – J. W. Hill, teacher, in top row, center 290
Early Boone County Schools, by Eula Allbright, 1969 (granddaughter of Thomas F. Allbright) 291-298
     Picture : Rally Hill Academy 294
     Picture : Valley Springs Academy 294
     Picture : Bellefonte Academy 296
     Picture : Central Grade School, Harrison 296
     Picture : Harrison Schools, about 1887 296
     Picture : Professor Thomas F. Albright 298
History of Harrison Schools is Clarified, by Eula Albright 299
National Archives and Records Service Announcement 299
Catalogue of the Valley Springs School, Thirty-Sixth Annual Session, register for 1911-1912 and announcement for 1912-1913 300-302
Course of Study for the Schools of Boone County, Arkansas for the year 1927-1928 303
Catalogue of Harrison High School, Twenty-First Year, 1914-1915 303-311
Queries 312
Volume VII Number III (1984) Boone County Historian Volume VII Number III (1984)
Volume VII Number III (1984)
Cover picture : Panther Creek Mine, Newton County 313
Editorial by Jim Miller 314
The Harrison Times, Vol. XXX May 1905 315-330
     North Arkansas Zinc Field – Wealth Untold will be Unearthed Here in the Near Future. A dozen Mines Already Operating Profitably and Twice as Many More being Rapidly Developed 315-316
     Keener 316
     Judge William Keener (includes picture) 316
     Dodd City 316
     Neal Dodd (includes picture) 316
     The Hodge House 316
     Marble Falls (includes picture) 317
     Mrs. Jesse W. Dirst (includes picture) 317
     The Ben Harrison 317
     The Broome County 317
     George S. Barham & Brother 318
     The Grand Leader 318
     Joel Barnes 318
     D. W. Cave 318
     D. M. Cochran 318
     The Iola 318
     Picture : The Iola Mill and Mine 318
     Dr. G. W. Taylor 319
     Virgil and Clarissa A. Stillwell 319
     Dodd City District 319
     Picture : Stillwell House, Dodd City 319
     Picture : The Dodd City School 319
     Picture : Pilot Rock Mine 319
     J. H. Burhop (includes picture) 320
     Zinc, Arkansas 320
     Picture : At the Heading in a Zinc Mine 320
     Something About Marion County Zinc, by Edward H. Payne 320-322
     Picture : The Cottage Hotel 321
     Mining Expansion 322
     Contemporary Industries 322
     Characters of Ores 322
     Lead Hill 323
     T. R. Cantrell 323
     Picture : Home of T. R. Cantrell, Lead Hill 323
     Dr. John Bolinger 323
     J. N. Milum 323
     T. J. Smith 323
     Marshall 324
     V. C. Bratton 324
     Picture : T. J. Smith 324
     Mrs. M. A. Cromwell 324
     Legitimate Industry 324
     Spring Creek Mining Company 324
     Picture : John R. Aday 324
     Searcy County 325
     Leslie 325
     The Crampton Hotel, Leslie (includes picture) 325
     Clarence W. Darby 325
     Picture : Home of C. W. Darby 325
     J. C. Myers 325
     A. C. Edwards 326
     The North Arkansas Immigration Company 326
     F. P. Greenhaw 326
     J. F. Carlton (includes picture) 326
     W. L. McPherson (includes picture) 326
     Jasper, The County Seat 327
     W. B. Moss (includes picture) 327
     Diamond Cave 327
     Marble Deposits 327
     New Region Opened Up 327
     Bell of Wichita Mining Company 327
     Picture : A. R. O’Leary 327
     F. M. Lamberton (includes picture) 328
     G. W. Zeigler (includes picture) 328
     O. J. Olson 328
     Our Aim 328
     Kirby & Evans, Physicians and Surgeons 328
     Royal Studio 329
     Picture : Chester A. Saffell 329
     Picture : Residence of Dr. E. L. Evans 329
     Picture : Zeiglar’s Saw Mill, near Omaha 329
     Picture : South Side of Square 329
     Picture : West Side of Square 329
     Picture : Home of W. F. Gordon 330
     Picture : Residence of F. M. Garvin 330
     Picture : Residence of Charles M. Greene 330
Boone County Historical, Genealogical Society Briefed About DeSoto, from the Harrison Daily Times, March 1984 331
Dr. Decker Will Speak to Historical Society, from the Harrison Daily Times, February 1984 331
Historical Society Topic is Robinson Farm Museum, from the Harrison Daily Times 332
Historical, Genealogical Group Sees Collection of Old Photos, from the Harrison Daily Times 332
McCorkindale New President of Boone Historical Society, from the Harrison Daily Times, December 1982 332
Boone Historical, Genealogical Society Kicks Off New Year, from the Harrison Daily Times, January 1984 333
County Historical Society is Told About Arrival of Loom, from the Harrison Daily Times, December 1983 333
China Collection Viewed by Historical Society, from the Harrison Daily Times 333
Events Sponsored by Old State House Explained, from the Harrison Daily Times, April 1984 334
Historical Society Elects Officers, from the Harrison Daily Times, November 1984 334
Queries 335-336
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