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Volume X Number I (1987) Boone County Historian Volume X Number I (1987)
Volume X Number I (1987)
Cover picture : Bellefonte Hotel in Early 1900 1
Editorial by Gus Crumpler and Jim Miller 2
Picture : Outgoing president Rob McCorkindale presents Arkansas Traveler engraving to Mr. J. E. Dunlap, Jr., President and Publisher of the Harrison Daily Times 2
History of Shaver and Burlington, Arkansas (including Jesse James in 1874), by Ola Richesin Hodges, 1976 3-5
A Majestic Old Hotel – Once Pride of Bellefonte (includes picture), by Gregg Cantrell, from the Harrison Daily Times, May 27, 1969 5
Genealogical Data in an old textbook, from Helen Turney 6-8
Photos of the covers of the first issues of the Boone County Historian (issues 1-27; 1978-1986) 9-12
Index of the first issues of the Boone County Historian (issues 1-27; 1978-1986) 13-22
Queries 23
UCA Archives Project Needs Your Help 24
Volume X Number II (1987) Boone County Historian Volume X Number II (1987)
Volume X Number II (1987)
Cover picture : Arthur H. McClure and His First Automobile, A 1924 Model Ford Coupe 25
Announcement that the Boone County Historical and Genealogical Society has been granted a lease on the old High School building for purposes of establishing a museum 26
Arthur Hamilton McClure: World War I Veteran Has Seen A Lot of Changes in 94 Years, by Sammy Rose 27-30
     Picture : Arthur H. McClure, age 18 27
     Picture : Arthur H. McClure and George B. Pettit 28
     Picture : Wedding picture of Mac and Mona McClure in their new buggy 29
     Picture : McClure’s Food Store, Harrison, Arkansas. Phyllis Bergen standing by front door 30
     Picture : Arthur H. McClure today, at his home in Harrison, Arkansas 30
Sebern Jack Jones Family (includes picture) 31
James M. Young Family (includes picture) 31
The 4th of July Shooting of George Washington Middleton, by Douglas Mahnkey 32
Raley History 32
Index to Boone County Probate Court Records, Volumes A to HC [Cass-Ozier] (1869-1943), courtesy David Witty, County and Probate Clerk 33-38, 48
Bull Shoals Lake High and Low Levels-By Year, by Gus Crumpler 39
Boone County Arkansas Marriage Index Book No. 1, [Clark-Dale] 1869-c1940 40-44
A Goose Dive in 1904 (includes picture), by Sammie Rose, as told to her by Lelah Holmes 45-46
Historical Society Notes by Garvin Fitton 46
Queries 46-47
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