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Volume V Number I (2007) Boone County Historian / Oak Leaves Volume V Number I (2007)
Volume V Number I (2007)
Cover picture : 1926 Boone County Basketball, 1st Team 1
President’s Column / Memorials / Index 3
Turbulent Times and the Murder of Kermit McDougal and Andy Evans, by Marilyn Breece 4-9
     Table: Legal Liquor Sales Defeated (1946 voting results by precinct) 6
     October 7, 1946: Andy Evans & Kermit “Baldy” McDougal Slain from Ambush 7-9
     Map of “Deadman’s Corner” – Vine & Stephenson 8
County Happenings – 1946 (from the Harrison Daily Times) 10-11
Boone County Basketball History 1923-1955 (Part One), compiled by Jim Bryan, former Boone County resident and graduate of Valley Springs High School 12-15
     Picture: 1926 Harrison High School Basketball Team, 2nd Team 15
     Picture: 1927-28 Valley Springs Basketball Team 15
Minutes from the Boone County Music Convention, October 26 & 27, 1912 16
Boone County Pioneers: John Murphy, from a series of articles reprinted from A Reminiscent History of the Ozarks Region (1894) 17-18
Obituary from the Harrison Times, January 22, 1916: John Murphy 18
Obituary from the Harrison Times, April 26, 1914: Grandma Riley 18
Obituary from the Harrison Times, January 18, 1917: Judge J. B. Curnutt 18-19
Obituary from the Harrison Times, January 16, 1917: Colonel Isaac H. Shelby 19
Henry Lowery Alive, from the Harrison Times, January 27, 1917 19
Obituary from the Harrison Times, May 2, 1916: Mrs. Harry S. Ransom 19
Obituary from the Harrison Times, January 22, 1916: Joseph W. Alverson 19
Picture: Members of 1950s Arkansas State Forestry Office, Harrison, Arkansas 20
Picture: Miss Roberts’ First Grade Class, Central Elementary School 21
Picture: Glee Club 21
Monthly Programs 22
Artifacts Donated to the Museum 23
Books for Sale at the Museum 24
Oak Leaves 25-40
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  1. Paula Wells

    How can I obtain prior issues of the Oak Leaves? Even if in pdf format I would love to have a copy of several issues.

    Turns out my family comes from the Roberts-Smith clan and I am desperately seeking any and all information I can find.

    Thank you,

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