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Mother’s Club kept open Harrison schools during 1920s

Published on May 18, 2012 by in History Q&A
Question: I have heard of “The Mother’s Club” in Harrison. Can you tell me about this organization and what was its purpose?
Answer: In 1923, Mrs. W. H. Lewis wrote the following in the Harrisonian yearbook:
“The activities of the Mother’s Club are too many to enumerate.” The Mother’s Club was organized about 1920 as a high school club to help purchase school supplies; its membership was small and inexperienced.
At the time, patrons couldn’t see a “silver lining” to the dark financial cloud that overshadowed the school district. At the time, even the community’s best businessmen said, “We’ll have to close our school.”
This club reorganized into a Mother’s Club with a membership of about 50 and said, “We shall have a school and we will back it.”
They did, and more than 100 loyal women planned, worked and succeeded.
A few things accomplished by the Mother’s Club included:
  • Collected from public subscription nearly $1,500 in two years – making their collections monthly;
  • Subscribed $500 to the school fund;
  • Paid one teacher’s salary for the entire year;
  • Paid all salaries first and last month;
  • Subscribed to the high school annual fund;
  • Paid for repairs on building and to the property;
  • Purchased supplies and fuel;
  • Added to the laboratory equipment, thereby raising the standard of the school.
The Mother's Club. The Mother’s Club was organized in Harrison about 1920 as a high school club to help purchase school supplies and keep the school open.
The Mother’s Club paid the tuition of pupils who were not able to pay and helped with all charity work in Harrison. They endorsed H. C. Morrison for superintendent of school and through their representation on the school board gave further financial support for the future.
By the “sweat of their brow” – weekly Rotary and other dinners, they made hundreds of dollars for Harrison schools.
Mrs. Lewis wrote, “After having learned about what the Mother’s Club has done for our school and also our town, will you not join me in giving 15 ‘Rahs’ for the Mother’s Club of Harrison?”
This active group accomplished a lot in the years they were organized, proving hard work and determination can do the impossible.
The 1923 Harrisonian yearbook is on display, along with many other early yearbooks, in the second floor School Room of the Heritage Museum. This room is filled with memorabilia from several schools in Boone County, and includes pictures and other related items that will bring back memories of early schools in the area.
The Heritage Museum is located on the corner of South Cherry Street and Central Avenue. Now observing the winter season, the museum is open only Thursday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Come spend a Thursday at the museum and recall the past of Boone County and its people!
This column appears Fridays in the Harrison Daily Times. Mail questions to Boone County Heritage Museum, P. O. Box 1094, Harrison, AR 72601. Marilyn Smith can be contacted at bchm@windstream.net
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