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Harness building fire

Published on May 15, 2012 by in News

Not sure when this happened, the top of the “Harness” building says FREW KINGS. I have an 1897 concert poster advertising tickets on sale at Frew and Kings Harness Shop. J.B. Frew was a prominent figure in Boone County history. He kept a diary of the time he spent fighting in the Indian wars out west and was renowned for the saddles he made. We have several Frew Saddles on display at the Boone County Heritage Museum.


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  1. Greg

    This fire occurred on the morning of Tuesday, July 8, 1913. It resulted in over $100,000 in damage and consumed much of the first block of Stephenson Avenue west of the Harrison square, including the Ozark Wholesale Grocery Company at the corner of West Stephenson and Spring Street (site of current library), and the old Presbyterian Church.

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